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The Newborn Corn

(AR with 3D object target)


The New Born Corn is a sculpture made of transgenic corn dough formed into a Mickey Mouse fetus. In Mayan-Quiche cosmology (entitled Popol Vuh) humans were made out of corn dough, as corn was native to their land. The New Corn Born metaphorically rewrites the Mayan myth while calling attention to the serious environmental and social impact of Monsanto corn.


Transgenic corn was introduced by the company Monsanto, founded in the USA. (It is now the German company Bayer-Monsanto).


The transmutation of a human fetus into a Mickey Mouse fetus to draw attention of the hazards of genetically engineered, poison corn, which has had catastrophic environmental. This corn and the companies pesticides used on it greatly damage health, food distribution, and entire societies.


Nolasco’s The New Born Corn relates the tremendous imbalance and break with equilibrium caused by these big, polluting corporations.

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