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New Fossils

(AR with cuboid target)


New Fossils is an analogue and digital installation, and stems from the project Cartography of the Stain made for the festival City to City: Human Responsibility. It makes a comparison to make the public aware of the differences and similarities between the city of Guadalajara (Mexico) and Karlsruhe (Germany), starting from the macro perspective of the cities to the micro issues of everyday life. New Fossils is a reflection on the footprints humans have left on the planet. These have had consequences on the environment. The term Anthropocene, coined in the mid-1970s, refers to a suggested epoch of geological time that replaces the Holocene and highlights the significant impact of human activity on the Earth. This concept makes us rethink the journey of humans on this planet in both biological and psychological terms.

by París Díaz and Gerardo Nolasco Rózsás


Her Boyfriend Came Back From the War

(AR with image targets)


“Her Boyfriend Came Back From the War” is a project by curator Valentina Peri as part of “Beyond Matter Eu”, a practice-based international research project that takes cultural heritage to the verge of VR.

This project brings together, through augmented reality, Valentina Peri's grandfather's photographic archive and the correspondence between her grandparents at the time of WWII with her recent research in Albania on the traces of this same archive. The exhibition, curated by Tirana Art Lab and curator Adela Demetja, runs from June 25 to August 30, 2022 at the Tulla Culture Centre in Tirana, Albania.

Visitors will experience the project through augmented postcards that will be physically on display. They will use the AR app inside the exhibition space, outside by taking the printed map listing all the postcards with them, or by visiting the dedicated website

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